About Us

Untitled-3 – Hello my name is Pierre Fahed, my friends call me Piero.

– As a young man i had the passion for building things with my own hands.

– “PF Contracting”¹ is an idea of letting people enjoy and appreciate the true work of art.

– All the designs, houses, sculptures, gardens and the cave… are handmade.

– The prefabricated houses are not all my work, we added some pictures to give you more ideas.

– If you have a design of your own or a dream home in your mind. Call me, let me dazzle you!!!

– Location is not a problem, we’ve been doing work all over the Middle East for the last 20 years.

– I am very proud of my company, we deliver on time and we use only the best material.

– The phone number on the bottom left will lead you straight to me.

¹ PF Contracting: Construction of  Wooden and Concrete Prefab houses; renovating and restoring old houses; designing and decorating gardens, water fountains and waterfalls; aging wood and metal; crafting and modeling maquettes; the interior/exterior design of course; infrastructure; all the way to our famous waterproofing.