If you ask me, this is what I would recommend. These houses are the state of the art!

  • The walls are made of reinforced concrete 12 cm, steel inside.
  • Much more than bullet proof, literally indestructible!!
  • They last for ages, and don’t require any maintenance.
  • The concrete is mixed with waterproofing material.
  • The roof is a composite sandwich structure panel, Water resistant.
  • Steel door.
  • Aluminum windows with a steel defense installation.
  • The floor is made of plywood and covered with vinyl.
  • Kitchenette and WC (lavatory, toilet bowl, shower unit)  included.
  • A PF concrete house takes 115 days to build and deliver and all the designs are handmade.
  • Price: Starting 650$ per square meter.

Specifications are subject to change if you want to customize your own concrete house.